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Vision and Mission

Upcircle’s vision is to enable resource circularity by making it easy and meaningful for everyone involved.

Sustainability and Circularity

We believe in the value of materials and resources.

That they should remain in circulation for as long as possible.

We also believe that everything we do should be sustainable -

from product creation to the way we treat our communities.


We believe in the long term.

That every end meets a new beginning.

Innovation and Creativity

Our generation is doing things differently - we need to.

We need to think different and out of the box. 

We need to innovate and come up with creative solutions to be better.

Community and Collaboration

We are not alone in our vision for a better future.

Together, we can achieve so much more.

That’s why we created Upcircle -

to connect those with the ability to create with those willing to contribute. 


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