Frequently asked questions

App Use

What is Upcircle and how does it work?

Upcircle is a mobile application that facilitates crowdsourcing by matching users with things they no longer need with users who require these items. It functions like a marketplace where users can list projects and initiatives, specifying the items they are sourcing for. On the other hand, users can also search and browse for projects to contribute items to them.

Who do I contact in case of a problem?

If it is something specific to the project you are creating or contributing to, please reach out to the Contributor or Creator directly using our in-app chat function. If you encounter any issues with the app, or a situation requiring Upcircle’s assistance, please write to us at


How do I contribute?

As a user, you can pledge a contribution to any project via the app. From the browsing gallery, tap on a project that you are interested in. Then tap on one of the items that the creator is sourcing for and select the quantities of items you would like to contribute. Select the collection option that best suits you. The actual contribution takes place during the collection phase. Some collection options include a date and time for meetups. Others only have locations listed. For meetups with date and time listed, you may hand over your contributions according to the selected time slots. For collection options with only locations listed, you may drop off the item on any day and time, unless otherwise specified in the project details. Check out our safe meet-up guidelines to protect yourself and others!

How do I hand over items to the creator?

For meetups with date and time listed, you may hand over your contributions according to the selected time slots. For collection options with only locations listed, you may drop off the item on any day and time, unless otherwise specified in the project details. Check out our safe meet-up guidelines to protect yourself and others!

What happens after I complete my contribution?

Creators will consolidate the contributions from multiple contributors and start working on their creation. Please give them some time to work on their projects. When the projects are completed, creators will share a celebration post about their creation and you will be notified of it. The updated project will also appear in your profile of contributions.

How do creators know I have contributed?

For dedicated meetup sessions, you may remind the creators to mark your items as received on their end. For unmanned drop-offs, please label your contributions with your username. It could be hand written note, just for verification purposes.

Do I really have to wash and clean my contributions?

Absolutely, yes. We want to be responsible towards the community we support. Cleaning and preparing contribution items according to specifications ensures the health and safety of everyone involved and consideration for the recipient. Contributions are not just about the material resource - it is about kindness, too.

What if I missed my collection date?

If you have enabled notifications from the Upcircle app, you will receive a notification to remind you of your contribution two days prior to the collection date. However, if you have missed your collection date, you may reach out directly to the creator via our chat function to make separate arrangements. In case the creator is no longer accepting items due to capacity issues or other reasons, you may search for other initiatives on our app that are sourcing for the same items.

What if I am no longer able to contribute my items?

Please cancel your contribution in your projects list by tapping on the “...” icon. We hope you can do it as soon as you realise you are unable to commit to your contributions so as to minimise disruptions to the creators.

Do I have to sign up to Upcircle to contribute?

In order for our application to keep track of your contributions, and to provide that information to the creators you are contributing to, you will have to be a registered user of Upcircle.
Your account will be unique to you and you can also use the same account to create projects that others can contribute to. Check out our Facebook group to learn from the experience of other creators!


What items can I request for?

You can request for anything except for items that are in violation of the local laws. Please refer to this list for prohibited items in Singapore.

What kinds of projects can I create?

Our platform enable crowdsourcing for a wide range of projects - from individual upcycling projects to large-scale art installations to business-led recycling campaigns. As long as you are looking for resources that are not prohibited in the country, you can list your project on the platform.

Can I request for monetary contributions?

The Upcircle app is primarily a platform for crowdsourcing of material resources. We understand that there are situations where monetary contributions are necessary, such as for transport or fair value recognition of the items contributed. Of course, if you are sourcing items that are for sale or financial gains, it is only fair that you share your potential gains with your contributors. However, all monetary transactions will take place outside of the Upcircle application, directly between users. Please exercise caution and discretion when transferring money and sharing your bank account details.

How do I share my projects on other social media channels?

When you tap on a project, there is a share icon at the top right hand corner of your screen. There are multiple share options to social media channels within the app.

What if my project is no longer taking place?

Please cancel your project as soon as you decide not to proceed with your collection. This will help contributors re-allocate their items to other projects. Contributors who have previously contributed to your project will receive a notification that the project has been cancelled. Please note that once a project has been cancelled, it will no longer show up in your projects list and be erased from the platform. You will have to create a new project if you’ve changed your mind and would like to proceed again.

How do I contact my contributors?

When you tap on the “...” icon for each of your project, you will be able to see a list of your contributors. You may initiate a chat with each contributor individually. If you would like to broadcast a project-related message to your contributors, please do so by amending your project’s description and labeling “Update”. Your contributors will be notified when you have amended a project.

What should I do if I never received my contributions?

If there have been contributions pledged to your project and never received, you may reach out directly to the Contributor via our in-app chat function.
If you have published a project and it is not receiving any contributions, you may refer to our tips on how to encourage Contributions from the community.

What is project status?

A project goes through 4 stages - Source, Collect, Create, Celebrate. A project starts off at the sourcing phase, where contributions are pledged by the community. Once sourcing is complete, it proceeds to the Collect phase where collection of the items takes place. At this stage, users are no longer able to contribute to your project. You could also manually progress your project to the Collect phase if you would like to stop receiving contributions. Once you have collected all the items required, you will move the project to Create phase. This is when the items collected undergo the transformations you have intended for them. These transformations include being upcycled into something else, or simply reused and given a new life by someone else. Finally, share the joys of your creation with your contributors through the Celebrate phase. Progressing your project to this status enables you to share images and information about the final creation with your contributors. The information shared will then appear on your own profile under “Created” and on your contributors’ profile under “Contributions”.

Can I sell my creations on the app?

Upcircle does not currently support this function through the app. However, you are able to share links to your website or marketplace shop when you provide updates to your Contributors in the “Celebrate” phase.

Safe meet-up

Safe meet-up guidelines

Due to health and safety concerns arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, we advise our users to avoid close interpersonal contact during meetups. Implement and select contactless delivery options where possible or contactless drop-off options. Wear a protective mask when you travel between locations and when you meet with the other party.