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Employee Eco Engagement

A great workplace culture and environment comes with engaged employees. 

And great companies today look not just at bottomline but also advance

social and environmental causes.

With our corporate clients, Upcircle has planned and implemented programs

that achieve both goals.

A series of recycling and upcycling campaigns on-site


A 3-week collection campaign on-site, collecting more than 350kg of pre-loved clothing items that were sorted for re-sale, recycling and upcycling.


A 3-week long program educating about plastic waste and collecting HDPE and PP plastic to be used for upcycling into new plastic products.


A 3-week collection campaign that collected unwanted personal electronic devices and electrical appliances, sorted for re-sale and recycling.

Digital platform and mobile engagement

We published each campaign on the Upcircle mobile application through a private community specially created for our corporate client so that only their employees were able to participate.

Employees could find out more about the campaign, receive educational materials about each material type and their environmental impact, communicate with others, and discover other public initiatives.


More than 500kg of waste across three material types was collected throughout the campaign and recycled or upcycled. 

Services provided by Upcircle:

  • End-of-life options for materials and types of campaigns

  • Content creation

  • Communication and management with participants

  • Video-creation of corporate ESG programs and implemented campaigns

  • Creation of private community instance on mobile application & project management

  • Impact reporting of quantity collected, recycled and upcycled

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