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A better way to Recycle.
items to users.

Be inspired

There are countless transformational initiatives within our community that create value from everyday items that we would otherwise trash. 


What can someone make from your used plastic bottle?

Can we create value from used fabric?

How about expired food?


Curious? We are. 

And always fascinated.

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Make a difference

Our creators are making a difference through their initiatives - collecting pre-loved items to contribute to the underprivileged; upcycling packaging for their businesses and creating art installations while minimising the use of new resources; recycling materials to reduce the strain on our landfills and seas.


You can be part of that difference by simply contributing items you have that you no longer need.

Go green, easily

Going green doesn’t have to require an overhaul of your lifestyle. More often than not, it starts with the smallest things we do.

Through the Upcircle app, all you need to do is think again before you throw something away.


Is there someone out there who could make good of that item? 

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