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Anyone can be both a contributor and a creator.

We want to encourage individual creators,

so we created a platform for you to obtain resources. 


A contributor is as important -

helping our creators with resources. 


Join Upcircle Celebrations on Facebook 

to learn from the experiences of other creators.


Brands and Businesses

Our users support brands and businesses that care for the environment.

If you are a business with recycling programs in place,

simply create a business profile to list projects. 


If your are a business that would like to contribute to one of our projects

or create a recycling program, we can help you get there.


Non-profit organisations

Our users are always looking for meaningful initiatives.


If your organisation is looking for donations-in-kind,

Upcircle is the perfect platform . 


Simply create a project for your organisation

and start receiving or making contributions.

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