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Fumbles & Jumbles - (Pre-)Loving Children's Clothes

You might have heard of Refash and The Fashion Pulpit – you might even have purchased from them. But does Fumbles & Jumbles ring a bell?

Fumbles & Jumbles is a local thrift store that also specialises in buying and selling preloved clothes. But for children. They sell gently worn, near-new and brand new children outfits. They also upcycle some of these items.

Being mothers themselves, co-founders Elyse and Julie are more than familiar with the ‘too- many- clothes, too-little-time-situation' at home with their children. As both their first-borns were the first of the new-gen kids in their respective extended families, they were showered with an abundance of love, care, and brand-new adorable outfits. This resulted in some sort of a ‘happy problem’ – their children “had more clothes than they could ever wear” before they outgrew them.

Is it a waste, though? It is common practice for parents to hand down their kids’ clothes to close friends and relatives. While this does save the brand-new outfit a premature trip to the bin, there are limitations to such a practice. For one, these clothes tend to turn yellow shortly after storage. Hence, keeping them for years in wait for their next suitable wearer might not be the best option.

That birthed the idea for Fumbles & Jumbles – a place to shop for pre-loved children's clothing, borrowing the concept from successful pre-loved fashion brands.

Community cooking at Tak Takut Kids Club

Since its beginning as an intimate brand relying on clothes donations from friends, Fumbles & Jumbles has since turned into a public initiative that also works with beneficiaries. Having found their footing in the sustainability community as a brand, Fumbles & Jumbles now works with Tak Takut Kids Club by 3Pumpkins. Proceeds from one of Fumbles & Jumbles’ outfit collections go fully to the Tak Takut Kids Club. Elyse and Julie plan to "eventually work with more charitable organisations and maybe expand to maternity clothes.”

Elyse & Julie with their kids

Not only is the initiative kids-inspired, it is also kids-involving. During Singapore's Circuit Breaker in 2020, Elyse hosted two livestream sessions with the help of her two kids for audience confined to their homes. They are also the first to test out workshops, to ensure their suitability for other kids. Workshop content include teaching children how to care for their clothes.

When asked to share her thoughts with other parents, Elyse noted, "Children don’t wear brands - they do not know brands. They also don’t discern between new or preloved clothes. They choose by colours they like and clothes that are comfortable. It is good to have kids start thrift shopping from a young age because ultimately, they are saving their own future by doing so."

Upcycled grocery bag made from children's eyelet singlets


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