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Circular Initiatives

Upcircle supports any initiative that is circular in nature. 

Be a Creator on our app if you are engaging the community to crowdsource - for school projects, art installations, swap events... You name it!

In general, we ​encourage projects that reuse, repurpose, recycle or upcycle.

Circular Campus

We're working with educational institutions to transform campus spaces into circular environments. 

Staff and students can engage meaningfully through circularity initiatives. 


Be it on-campus composting, paper recycling or other student-led initiatives, we provide the platform and ecosystem to support such activities.

Circular Hub

Community centres, office buildings and shopping malls are all great locations for circular initiatives to take place. 

We can help close the waste loop for these interactions - 

A collection point for reusable coffee cups, shared paper recycling services, reusable shopping bags for shoppers...

The possibilities are endless!